Brava Diagnostics to Present at BIO Investor Forum

Initial product development focused on a high-sensitivity troponin point-of-care assay for chest pain assessment


Boulder, CO, October 9, 2019 – Brava Diagnostics, Inc., a Boulder, CO company transforming acute care diagnostics with a next generation point-of-care platform, is pleased to announce that Byron Hewett, CEO, will present Brava Diagnostics at 10 AM on Wednesday, October 23 at the BIO Investor Forum, at the Westin St. Francis, in room Elizabethan C. The BIO Investor Forum is an international biotech investor conference focused on early and established private companies as well as emerging public companies.

Rapid triage of patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain is critical to saving lives and improving quality of care in the emergency department. In 2018, there were an estimated 8 million visits to U.S. emergency departments for chest pain, but 84% of them did not receive a diagnosis of heart attack. Brava Diagnostics is developing a highly sensitive and cost-effective evanescent planar waveguide technology to deliver rapid, simple and quantitative measurement of very low concentrations of troponin from whole blood. This combination is critical in acute care settings, where precision at low concentrations is imperative to inform immediate treatment decisions or to discharge safely.

The clinical utility of high sensitivity cardiac troponin was recently reported in the HiSTORIC study of 31,492 patients. The study concluded that implementation of high-sensitivity troponin testing accelerates rule-out and safe discharge of low-risk patients. Rapid rule-out eases crowding in the emergency department, reduces hospital admissions, improves patient satisfaction and can save the healthcare system billions of dollars annually. Brava’s point-of-care high sensitivity cardiac troponin test could accelerate discharge by an additional 30-45 minutes.

About Brava Diagnostics
Brava is developing a point-of-care high-sensitivity troponin test to assess patients with chest pain to guide treatment decisions or safe discharge. Unlike the central lab that takes 60-90 minutes to return results, the Brava test delivers lab-quality results in 15 minutes, which means faster rule-in of heart attack and faster rule-out and safe discharge of low-risk patients. Rapid rule-out eases crowding in the ED, reduces the number of admissions, improves resource utilization, improves patient satisfaction and reduces costs to the healthcare system.