Evanescent planar waveguide technology enables rapid, simple and quantitative measurement of very low concentrations of multiple proteins from whole blood. This combination is critical in acute care settings, where precision at low concentrations is imperative to drive treatment decisions. No other point-of-care platform can deliver laboratory quality performance that meets clinical guidelines for high sensitivity troponin.


The Platform

The platform consists of a simple, robust reader and disposable test cartridges that deliver multiple results from every sample. Built around innovative, proprietary LightDeck® technology, our unique fluorescence-based approach can be configured for multiplexed immunoassays, nucleic acid tests or whole cell enumeration. The platform has been validated through multiple partnerships with industry, academia and government organizations.

Our Advantages

  • Analytical Sensitivity: Delivers precise results at very low concentrations (pg/mL).
  • Multiplexing: Run dozens of parallel immunoassays or molecular assays in one cartridge.
  • Rapid, simple format: Assays run in minutes in a simple “load-and-go” workflow.
  • Low-Cost: The design of the disposable cartridges enables commercialization  with attractive margins.

This combination of attributes gives Brava a significant competitive advantage for its assays.


Enables Whole Blood Analysis

  • 1 micron evanescent field above the waveguide reduces interference from cells (~50 microns)
  • Tune laser emission to minimize absorbance and autofluorescence associated with hemolysis

Inherently low-background

  • A simple imaging system can detect very low concentrations


  • Replicates improve precision
  • Multiple analytes improve turn-around time, may improve information value

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In order to appreciate the power and uniqueness of Brava’s evanescent planar waveguide technology, it is helpful to understand the evolution of technologies used in medical diagnostics, especially in the context of measuring substances that are present in the blood at very low concentrations.

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